Enjoy family time outdoors in nature’s elements, which is fun, relaxing and even better in the company of friends.  TheBuddySitter Deployable Chair attachment is designed to be universal and conveniently attaches to most strollers both old and new. Create memories of a lifetime while the kids eat, sleep, laugh and play together. The options are unlimited.  Click on photo to enlarge.

Mommy and son watch daddy play

Happy family with TheBuddySitter

Family Fun on the slide

Fun times with family and friends

TheBuddySitter attached while stored in trunk

Personalized plate out


In your face

Shhh Sleeping

Daddy sits on TheBuddysitter

Fun times but time to go home

TbeBuddySitter detached from stroller attachment

Personalized plate in place

Help us manufacture this prototype to bring this future product to the present as well.

Mommy and son play while Daddy watches

Don't wake up sis

Woo Hoo I'm up

Collapsed stroller with TheBuddySitter in place

Personalize your BuddySitter with photos or memorabilia

Rear view Transport Position