Hi, I'm Derek Moody and I'd like to introduce to you The BuddySitter Deployable Chair an adult seating attachment for strollers and wheelchairs that provides individuals with a place to sit when seating is limited or non-existent.  It swivels out from the side or rear of a stroller and affords parents and caregivers the opportunity to stop and rest in virtually any type of situation.  Additionally it allows individuals to sit next to their loved ones without having to find separate seating or having to transport a bulky chair with them.  The BuddySitter can then be collapsed and swiveled back around to the rear or side of stroller.  Thank you for the support and please continue to like, share and Follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter

As of September 2017, TheBuddySitter has formed a partnership with ideapros in San Diego, CA. We're excited to announce that we are working diligently to launch TheBuddySitter in the next 9 months.  See ya soon! 



Rear view transport position

Side transport position