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I’ve found whether we’re with our children or loved ones at the school bus stop, amusement park, shopping mall, park in the neighborhood or youth sporting event there isn’t always a convenient or sanitary place to sit. Our option is to strap a chair to ourselves, stand or find a place on the curb or ground and that just isn’t good enough, I knew there had to be better way.

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How It Started

While waiting at the school bus with my son, one of the mothers was pregnant and sitting on the cold winter sidewalk as she needed a place to sit down. I asked her why she didn’t bring along one of those folding chairs that she can carry over her shoulder and her reply was that it was too much of a hassle. I noticed others waiting there with strollers, as well as gathering amongst other parents as they strolled through the neighborhood only to sit on the ground, driveway or sidewalk as they talked. This is where the PATENTED idea of what I like to call TheBuddySitter came to mind.


Fits Any Type of Stroller or Wheelchair!

A one-size fits all solution. We understand how important it to take care of your children and loved ones. Now its time we think about you and your comfort!



The wheelchair attachment will fill your heart with joy and bring on a smile your loved ones and caregivers will enjoy as they'll be able to share your chair with you.

Derek Moody Founder

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